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Apple Looks to Expand Advertising Business With New Network for Apps

Nearly two years after Apple shut down its iAd mobile ad network, the company is reportedly looking to launch a new one, according to the Wall Street Journal.  Apple has been meeting with companies like Pinterest and Snap about an ad network that would distribute app-install ads across their apps; Apple would share ad revenue with apps displaying those ads, the WSJ said.

From WSJ’s CMO Today newsletter: “Services revenue is the most important driver of growth for Apple, and the company’s ad plans are all about getting people back into the App Store, spending money. Apple already offers search ads within the App Store—a $1 billion business—but the new digital ad effort would see it compete more directly with Google’s AdMob and Facebook’s Audience Network.”


Google To Offer Programmatic Audio Ads


By Coltin Chapman

Earlier this year, the Media Rating Council (MRC) partnered with dozens of audio providers to create guidelines on audio ad audibility. The need for clear guidelines arose after the MRC noticed a spike in audio related media earlier this year.

Google last week announced it will begin offering programmatic digital audio buying. Advertisers will be able to buy inventory on some of the biggest digital music streaming sites including Spotify, Soundcloud, Pandora, TuneIn and Google Play through DoubleClick Bid Manager, Google’s programmatic ad platform.

Now with Google taking steps to pursue programmatic audio, it’s clear that 2018 is the year of digital audio.

DoubleClick will also be providing a list of new metrics to measure the success of audio ads. The metrics remain similar to DoubleClick’s current video metrics, with percentage completion rates, impressions, and clicks returning, along with the addition of metrics unique to the audio experience like mutes, pause rates, and audio costs.

Google’s plan to offer audio buying within DoubleClick continues to show advertisers that there is a large demand within the digital space for audio ads — and a wide variety of inventory available for advertisers to choose.

Come See Us in Cannes!

If you are going to be in Cannes for the annual advertising confab, please come see our panel Thursday, June 21 at 2:30 pm!

We’ll be hosting a panel, which features our Audi client, Reddit, and production company Prettybird, titled “Covert Content: Giving Advertising a Back Seat to Entertainment.” It will cover how to best create modern content, collaborate effectively all while staying up to speed with the changing tech and media landscape.

From the Cannes website:

In the few years since branded content became a thing, its lifecycle has grown, died and evolved again. In this session, MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER evaluates the current state of branded content in the context of true entertainment value. The session takes a deep dive into the making of Think Faster, the unique AMA platform in which stars answer questions in real-time at breakneck speeds — all while sitting in the passenger seat of an Audi Sport vehicle. MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER is joined by Audi, Reddit and PrettyBird to inspire young creatives to examine how to work with clients, understand their business, and build partnerships that can go project-to-project, pitch-to-pitch.

This Week in Social: Goodbye, Fellow Teens: Facebook Loses Younger Audience

By Tess Olcott

Gone are the days of friending old teachers and posting relationship statuses for your great aunt Lisa to comment on. Facebook is losing interest from the teen crowd and the new kids on the block are Youtube and Snapchat. According to Pew Research Center, over the past three years teenage usage has dropped from 71% to 51%, with only 10% of teens saying that Facebook is their most used social media platform. The one thing Facebook still has going for it is its acquisition of Instagram, which still sits among the top players of social. The most popular, with 85% of teens using, is Youtube.

We have seen the power of Youtube in our own work, using Liza Koshy, one of the top tier YouTube stars, in the Think Faster campaign for Audi. Traditional Hollywood celebrities brought in a fair share of comments across social media platforms, but Liza’s fans came through with very impressive numbers. Her fan base has largely grown on social platforms like YouTube and Instagram, whereas more traditional Hollywood celebrities have grown their fan bases through TV and film. This is a testament to YouTube’s reach, and the passion that their users have that might be fading for Facebook. That said, you never know when a social platform will takeover or fade into obscurity.