Sunnier Side of the Office – August 6th, 2019

“I was terrified that once the original show was over, my career was going to be over. The candle that burns twice as bright only burns half as long. But youth is a funny thing. With age and perspective and hindsight, you have the nostalgia for it all. Coming back to it now is actually a lot of fun.” - Jason Priestley 

Convenience and the climate crisis
By: Ben Thomas

We live in a time where we’ve been trained to expect convenience. We have most things we could ever want at our fingertips – from clothes to groceries, transport to food.

But convenience comes with consequence. 

The race for ever-faster deliveries creates a huge carbon footprint, ride-sharing can actually add to traffic congestion, and the convenience of grocery shopping has led to a mindless waste mentality. If studies and science are anything to go by, we’re at a tipping point. Behavior needs to change before there’s no turning back. It’s an alarming idea that’s making its way to the mainstream, and forward-thinking brands and services are innovating to meet demand for more sustainable convenience.

For example, Returnr, an Australian start-up, wants to do away with plastic take away packaging by allowing people to borrow and return or buy and reuse tin containers from their favorite restaurants. Further up the food cycle, restaurants like Nolla in Helsinki are taking strides to reduce their waste to close to zero at every point of the journey, from supplier to plate.

It’s a collective effort. And it’s not easy. But by making it easier for people, brands and services can call themselves part of the solution to a problem that has become a crisis.


Instagram Updates: Goodbye to Influencers
By: Ben Evangelista

Rumors have been swirling for the past few weeks that Instagram is planning on rolling out a new wave of updates, testing a feature that would hide the number of likes on users' photos. A trial run is currently underway in Australia -- hiding the official count of likes on each photo visible to the public. While users can still see the number of likes on the back-end, their total will be invisible to everyone else.

Instagram officials say they're hoping to reduce the pressure around posting content, encouraging people to "focus on sharing things [they] love." Analytic tools for businesses will still be available on the back-end, however, and brands will still be able to measure engagement. 

What feels like a simple way to rid Instagram of some of its toxic traits is seen as a death threat to many influencers. The universe of "public" figures that has evolved in the past 10 years is very highly measured on numbers- likes, comments, subscriptions. For an App at the forefront of this market to get rid of their main metric is a challenge to "their career."

While influencers are worried about this change, a large part of the applications' users are excited by the idea of returning to Insgratam's initial foundations, getting back to the basics and sharing photos with friends. While the trial is not set to go into permanent effect anytime soon, the initial roll-out is shedding public light on many negative side effects that have evolved with the application's rise in popularity. 

Facebook Rumored to Launch TV Streaming Device 
By: Arthi Veeraragavan

Last week reports surfaced that Facebook was getting ready to release a TV streaming device by the end of 2019. Reports state the social network has met with top streaming providers including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon about including their apps on the device.

The streaming device may build off of Facebook’s video-chat product, Portal, as rumors show Facebook is working on a "camera that can plug into a TV and double as a video-streaming device a la Roku or Fire TV.”

Facebook has not confirmed the rumors. 

A streaming offering could provide marketers with another way to reach their target audience as well as the ability to drive cross-exposure between streaming TV and social media. We expect to hear more about this new device in the trades very soon.  

Hillary Swank was fired from the original Beverly Hills 90210. She's gone on to win two Oscars.

BH90210 premiers this Wednesday, August 7th on Fox.
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