Sunnier Side of the Office – July 29, 2019

“For so long we’ve been seen as probably the Kardashian of tequilas, we are actually more the Lady Gaga.” Adrian Parker, VP of marketing for Patrón, making a celebrity analogy when describing the tequila’s evolution.

A TikTok Walks into a Chipotle...
By: Jessica Bedussi

While some view TikTok as a fad waiting to fade away, the social platform boasts 500 million monthly active users. As more and more users flock to the app, advertisers are starting to take note. 

Brands like The Washington Post, Vineyard Vines, ESPN, and Genius all have strong organic presences on the app which boasts 41 percent of users between the ages of 16 and 24. 

Another brand who has gone all in on TikTok is Chipotle who has a strong paid + organic presence. On July 31, the brand launched their second big TikTok push of the year for #NationalAvocadoDay.

Since its launch last week, the hashtag has over 211 million views and hundreds of user-generated videos. The brand also has attributed much of its digital grow (300% lift in digital impressions, a 400% lift in social impressions, and a 99% yoy digital sales growth) to strategies like its TikTok presence. 

Where Chipotle’s TikTok strategy goes right:

  • Use of influencers: Gez Z users are cautious of brands coming in and trying to sell their products so using influencers who have gained their own communities is a great way to come across as more authentic. Chipotle posted their own content but relied heavily on influencers like @LorenGray (32.4m followers) and @BrentRivera (10.2m followers).

  • Native behavior: The brand has also found a way to play into the strengths of the platform and build their strategy based on user behaviors. Challenges are video formats where other users can build their own versions of a dance, skit, or lip sync based on a specific song. Chipotle built their own using an internetty song that first became famous on Vine. 

  • Ad placements: While paid advertising is fairly new to the app, Chipotle took advantage with a homepage takeover and a trending hashtag on the Discover page. 

As more brands see success on the platform, more will flock to recreate their own version of success. Will TikTok ramp up its paid advertising efforts or remain true to its original organic purpose?

Shark Week 2020: Un-FIN-kably Fun TV 
By: Emily Menken

One of the most cult-y weeks in television is upon us: Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Shark Week has morphed into a major cultural phenomenon, and we’ve begun to expect an abundance of memes and posts across social channels celebrating. This year, the program includes 8 celebrities staring across different episodes.

We can also look forward to Shark Week partnerships and branded collabs. Vans has launched a Shark Week collection featuring bold, pop art designs; one of the new designs features a Great White in a “Jaws”-like open-mouth pose. Build-a-Bear has jumped on the bandwagon with adorably fluffy (yet deadly) stuffed sharks and apparel/accessories, like a Shark Week themed surfboard. Even Vineyard Vines has transformed their signature preppy pink whale with a shark fin (and is available for purchase on long-sleeve crewnecks and bowties).

Facebook Advertising Updates
By: Sergio Saucedo

Starting on August 19th Facebook is updating their requirements for ads being served on their mobile News Feed format. 

Updates for mobile News Feed:

  1. Fewer lines of primary text will show on mobile News Feed. 

    • Advertisers will now only have 3 lines of primary text that is visible, after which people will be prompted to click to view additional text.

  1. Maximum media height for photos/videos will reduce to 4:5 ratio on mobile News Feed. 

    • Vertical (4:5) will be tallest supported aspect ratio for images without links and  videos. Media taller than 4:5 will be masked on Facebook mobile News Feed.

Given the shorter copy length copywriters will need to prioritize what is most important for the brand on their ads, the hook or the call-to-action. Also, the updated aspect ratio will require brands to ensure they are adjusting future assets to this ratio and rectifying ads that went live prior to August 19th. This will be important because all ads will automatically crop to the new 4:5 ratio next month. 

Shark embryos can sense danger. They have been found to deploy a similar electrical receptor as adult sharks do when sensing prey or avoiding predators. When researchers imitated a predator using electric fields, the embryos of brown-banded bamboo sharks, contained in an egg case, slowed their gill movements to avoid detection.

Discovery Channel's Shark Week kicked off last night and will run through August 4th. 

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