Sunnier Side of the Office – June 24, 2019

“I ran across Scamp’s photo and it was just like Tinder for dogs. I swiped right and fell in love with that face.”

- Yvonne Morones, owner of the Ugliest Dog winner 

The Power of Social Listening
By: Sergio Saucedo 

From research development to marketing, understanding what your community is talking about early on through social listening can help a brand to deliver the types of products that resonate with their community. From a marketing perspective those same tweets, or posts can also play a crucial role in driving the strongest and most authentic brand advocacy.

A great example of a brand who embraced social listening to build a social-first marketing strategy was the CPG brand Kellogg. They recently promoted a fan’s tweet from 2016 to tease a new flavor for their Coco Pops cereal. Not only did this tweet help in the discovery phase to spark the idea for the flavor, but by putting paid support behind the tweet it actually helped the brand to tease the launch and drive buzz as people wondered why this was being promoted.

When launching a product, brands need to think hard about how they can utilize social media. Of course, tapping into the full potential of social to launch a product is no easy task, which is why many brands shy away. However, when brands utilize social listening to involve the community early on in their decision process, the product roadmap opens up and it becomes a win-win situation for both the brand and the consumer.

Fifty Years After Stonewall
By: Ben Evangelista 

June 28, 1969, marked our nation’s first major LGBT protests and the beginnings of the LGBT civil rights movement in the USA. This year, we celebrate 50 years since bricks were thrown at the Stonewall Inn - members of the community fighting back in a series of violent protests against a police raid at Stonewall, one of the only NYC bars open for dancing amongst Gay Men.

50 years since Stonewall comes in conjunction with World Pride - a festival that celebrates LGBTQ Pride on an international level. Festival-goers from across the world will flock to Manhattan to participate in a series of events all over the city aimed at promoting and celebrating LGBT rights, culminating in the annual Pride March on Sunday, June 30th.

Over the last decade, Pride Parades across the country have been inundated with corporate sponsors, allowing companies to showcase their logos, march in the parade on giant, sponsored-floats, and effectively “pink-wash” their brands.

While the US has taken giant strides in celebrating LGBTQ rights since those early morning violent raids in 1969, many Pride-goers feel the celebrations have been watered down in meaning and some groups in NYC are boycotting this year’s Pride March parade.

A competing parade titled the “Queer Liberation March” put on by the Reclaim Pride Coalition is set to march on the same day but without any corporate floats and police interference. The March is open to anyone that wants to join and intends to get people out from behind the police barriers and into the streets to march together. Making Pride less of a showcase and more of an inclusive march and observance. 
Cannes U Not? Two M/H VCCP Creatives Develop a Card Game

Brand activism. It’s great, but sometimes it goes a little too far—especially when it comes to awards shows. That’s what prompted two M/H VCCP creatives—Colleen Horne and Amanda Burger—to create “Cannes U Not?”: The game of ridiculous brand activism campaigns.

The game is simple. Choose a social issue, choose a brand to solve it, and pitch like your career depends on it!!! Whether it’s Party City tackling the refugee crisis, or JUUL empowering females around the globe—your options are [almost] endless.

The game sold out in only 5 days—but rumor has it there might just be another print run. Check out to learn more!
How much time do you spend on social media? A recent study says average daily time spent on social is 142 minutes a day.
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