The Dub Truck Hits the Streets

The 2014-2015 Golden State Warriors campaign didn’t start with a commercial. It began with a vehicle to reach fans in the streets; something we called “The Dub Truck” (The Warriors nickname is The Dubs).

Golden State Warriors Dub Truck

It shows up at schools, neighborhoods, and businesses to fire up the Warriors faithful. Fans track it on Twitter and Instagram to see where it will be next. When they catch up with the truck, they may find Warriors players, dancers, and gear.

Golden State Warriors Dub Truck Fans on location

Golden State Warriors Dub Truck Fans in parking lot

The Dub Truck even made its way to TV spots. A Warriors Superfan fan sells burritos, while weaving tall tales of Warriors yore.

Most fans don’t get out to every game and only see their team through a screen. The Dub Truck brought the team to them.

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Golden State Warriors Dub Truck Commercial