The Future of Social is Fleeting (Major Key) by Melissa Santiago


There’s been a lot of talk about Snapchat in the media, where most digital news reporters have already aged out of the emerging platform’s key demographic — myself included.

What have become preferred channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) are facing nearly saturated markets. Snapchat’s highly-guarded business secrets, bizarre practices (rainbow-vomit selfie filter), and viral spokespeople (DJ KHALED) leave marketers and social platform developers over 25 years old scratching their heads and wondering how to reach new users.

With real-time integration, a rapidly growing user base and the potential for major ad revenue, Snapchat is no longer the space for sexting and selfies. In late March 2016, Snapchat released new messaging features that make the messaging aspect of the app seem very familiar. *cough* Facebook messenger *cough*

Users can now send stickers, choose images from their phone’s existing photo albums, video chat (almost) instantly, voice call. And as always, they can snap a quick, low quality photo on the fly and add emojis and doodles in-app.

Snapchat is getting the red carpet roll out from the Oscars to the MLB dugout, and many of the hottest new social media influencers got their primary start through their Snap stories.

The platform has recently experienced explosive growth. Gary Vaynerchuk, a widely known and well respected Venture Capitalist says “The vast majority of people reading this article will have a Snapchat account within 36 months. Even if, as they’re reading this, they don’t believe me.”

In case you’re one of those people who is incredulous now, but will eventually get a Snapchat in the next three years, here are a few things to keep in mind and make the most of the ghost.

  1. Fear no emoji. Take photos and videos. Liberally apply emojis. Snapchat success. There are no hashtags, no real “post copy”, no likes and no real measure of engagement for non-sponsored content, so just have fun.


  2. Just doodle. This is pretty self-explanatory.


  3. Shoot and post. Don’t think too much. Except about emojis. (see Tip 1)

DJ Khaled is now the biggest name on Snapchat and rapidly becoming a social media mogul. He splashed into his recent-found stardom by snapping himself, lost on a seadoo at night in Miami. Don’t feel like you need to know what you’re doing to get started.

If you’re an “old” that just doesn’t get it, reassess everything you hold dear because it looks like Snapchat has the staying power to be around for the foreseeable future. If social media and user-generated-content were the 2.0 of the web, Snapchat may be the 2.1 update.

Bless up.