The King of Vlogging Abdicates the Throne: Part 1


Celebrity vlogger, YouTube star, filmmaker, and general social media celebrity, Casey Neistat announced Saturday that he was ending the vlog

In March 2015, Neistat started a daily vlog. Vlogging wasn’t new or novel then and it certainly isn’t now, so what did Casey do that created a shock wave throughout the YouTube creator community? He raised the bar for quality. 

He is a filmmaker first and foremost, and he combined great storytelling with great cinematography—definitely two qualities that are typically lacking from a majority of YouTube content. Neistat likely made millions from his daily vlogs, in addition to other high-performing short movies, and plentiful speaking and appearance offers that came with his YouTube fame. 

He says he’ll continue to make films and be involved with YouTube, but his daily posts are over. Well, Casey, your 6 million followers on YouTube will be waiting to see what’s next. 

If you are a fan of Casey and would like to see work from someone that was a huge inspiration to him, check out the Tom Sachs Space Program: Europa at the San Francisco Yerba Buena Center for the Arts now through January 15, 2017. If you are not in San Francisco, you can follow along with YBCA’s Facebook for updates.