The Lil B Curse


Lil B, a rapper from the Bay Area also known as the Based God, is the Shaman of basketball Twitter. Beginning in 2011, Lil B “cursed” Kevin Durant after the NBA star tweeted, “I tried to listen to Lil B and my mind wouldn’t let me do it….can’t believe this guy is relevant.”

In 2016, Lil B lifted the curse from Durant for “being humble.” The Warriors are facing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals for the third year in a row and are currently sitting with a 3-1 lead following rumors that they’d sweep the series. Tonight is Game 5 and if the Warriors can pull off a win, they’ll be NBA Champions for the second time in three years.

Nervous Warriors fans were looking to Lil B to speak up about the series, but he Retweeted their desperate pleas with no clear answer. Catch up on the Based God’s long list of casting and lifting curses on various NBA players, teams, and personalities here and catch Game 5 tonight at 6 pm PT on ABC.

Update: WARRIORS WIN THE FINALS and Lil B declares the curse is lifted from Kevin Durant.