The Sunnier Side of the Office – April 21, 2016

98844b4b-6aa1-4243-b923-302229a26ce8NBA To Allow Ads on Jerseys
Last week, the NBA became the first major American sports league to permit the sale of ad space on jerseys. NBA owners voted in favor of a program that is projected to bring in $120 – $150 million in additional revenue per season.

The ads themselves will only be 2.5 square inches of space on the left shoulder of the jersey, like this, opposite the Nike Swoosh. So, while the agreement is a huge step for one of the major US sports, the ads being added are pretty minimal compared to the ads sold on soccer or rugby jerseys. In fact, the MLS has been selling the front of their jerseys already for over a decade. For jersey purists, it should come as a relief that the NBA hasn’t gone that far yet. It could be worse; it could be NASCAR.

8addb695-df4b-4957-9960-f86116a05b95YouTube Adds 360-Degree Live Streaming
Just in time for Coachella, YouTube launched 360-degree live streaming. The stream is intended to create a more immersive experience for tuning into live events, particularly festivals, conventions, and even classrooms. The launch comes a year after YouTube launched the original 360-degree video and right on the heels of Facebook Live taking off. As more and more media moves to live-stream, alternatives to the standard, such as 360-degree video or virtual reality, will undoubtedly be brought into the fold. 

66b52b60-6ca5-4995-a441-c6cb062ac947Chatbots and Human Shortcomings
It seems that every week another brand announces that they are releasing a bot that will seamlessly connect with millions of people. There can be no doubt now, that Chatbots are all the rage, with one prominent engineer saying they represent “a fundamental shift that is going to change the types of applications that get developed and the style of service development in the Valley.” A piece in the NYT Magazine this past weekend explored the implications of the trend, saying that “bots, which promise to make us more godlike, are instead revealing our all-too-human shortcomings and pettiness.” Needless to say, I don’t think the New York Times will be releasing their chatbot anytime soon.


ea169d1e-8a78-4158-b781-cd537066a350Media Partner of the Week: Aki Technologies

“Aki” in Japanese means “bright and clear,” which is how Aki Technologies believe mobile marketing should be. Less than a year old, Aki Technologies is unlocking new insights into mobile marketing so brands can build more effective mobile campaigns. Aki has a unique way of targeting that has established a new way to increase engagement between the mobile consumer and advertiser.

The Mobile Moment Index™ is the algorithm that Aki uses to analyze and predict when ads would be the most effective for the consumer. The algorithm uses location, context, time of day, demographic, triggers and events to help produce the content and deliver it in the right environment. Aki Technologies uses this algorithm to understand the multiple mindsets of the mobile consumer, which is crucial to understanding how to deliver applicable and suitable advertising that works. Aki utilizes its knowledge of mobile mindsets to provide more relevant advertisements for the consumer, helping brands reach consumers when they are most receptive to branded content.

This Week in Social


Is No Content The Best Content Strategy?

Less is moreespecially in the luxury market. And Yves Saint Laurent is fully embracing this philosophy with their new Instagram strategy. After a recent change in creative direction, the legendary design house decided to fully embrace their fresh start.

In what must have been both the most liberating and also panic-inducing move of their career, someone working for their social team was tasked with deleting all their previous Instagram content—which was only 3 months old. They only recently joined the well-established social platform in January of this year.

The entire feed was replaced with one single photo of the new Creative Director, Anthony Vaccarello.  This move has increased their following from by 17k in one weekend.

While we would love to stay and pontificate on all the subtle and overt meaning behind this, but we’re too busy constantly refreshing their feed to see what’s next.