The Sunnier Side of the Office – August 31st, 2015

b3d5a492-74e1-4102-8d7e-ad20290c7098YouTube Gaming is Here

This past week, YouTube released its anticipated app for gamers, aptly called YouTube Gaming. If the release sounds off brand, it’s not – it’s the second most popular category and 200 of the top 1000 channels are dedicated to video games (the #1 spot is a gamer). While putting all the gaming content in one sleek location is neat, the most important change here is the new live streaming feature, which puts YouTube in a position to challenge, the wildly popular “ESPN for video games.”

So often, Twitch and YouTube gaming videos illicit raised eyebrows from non-gamers, but their reach and influence should not be understated. Look at that picture up there. That’s from the 2014 League of Legends World Championship in front of a sold out crowd at Staples Center. In total, it racked up 32 million live viewers. That’s 12 million more than this year’s NBA championship. True story.


98d5474f-56a5-4310-8115-09b70416b804Radio Has More Reach and Impact Than We Think

An insightful piece in Forbes examined the state of radio advertising. Despite being one of the more archaic mediums people get their news and entertainment from, radio still reaches 93% of all American adults, according to Nielsen, while only 87% of Americans watch TV. And unlike mobile advertising, radio actually reaches people when they are actually mobile, when they are trapped in their car. To illustrate the effectiveness of radio, Forbes looked at Amazon Prime Day, which advertised on radio, TV, and digitally. According to post-campaign surveys, 52% of people exposed to radio ads made a purchase, compared to 48% from online and 39% from TV. And while the success of Amazon Prime Day is very much in question, radio’s role in converting listeners to buyers apparently is not.


bae14606-245d-471e-8dab-87b7d4fd929eWhat Can Spotify Data Tell Us About Timeless Music?

Data can do wonderful things. Like prove that No Diggity is a timeless classic (not like that needed proof.) In a sponsored piece over at Polygraph, the blog that showed the world which rapper has the biggest vocabulary, Spotify data was mined and organized into a few incredibly engaging interactive charts. It’s totally worth a looksie. The data proves that Billboard #1 hits don’t necessarily have staying power. Nirvana was the most timeless artist of the 90s (followed by the Goo Goo Dolls), Queen did not get the love they deserved, and with a little time no one will be listening to “Happy” anymore (link spitefully not included.)

The interactive piece was produced by Spotify and Next Big Sounds, a music analytics agency whose yearly industry report on music in social media is a wonderful snapshot of the rapidly expanding world of streaming music.


7a1425bc-9ec8-4559-abc8-f831817b79daMedia Partner of the Week: Division Black

Billups is the nation’s largest independent out-of-home media specialist agency, and M/H utilizes their services to purchase outdoor inventory for a number of media clients. Earlier this year, Bullups launched a specialized experiential marketing department called Division Black to help clients reach consumers in innovative ways. Division Black has a full-service production team that assembles/manages vendors and sources assets for the job. One of the more epic integrations DB has executed to date was for the World Basketball Festival in Chicago for the 30th anniversary of the Jordan brand. DB took over the Prudential Plaza tower using the windows/lights from inside the tower to project the iconic Jumpman logo (check it out above). The resulting Instagram was Jordan Brands most-liked post of all time.

Working with Division Black can work in one of two ways: either M/H brings an idea to their team or M/H can brief DB and work collaboratively to come up with a cool idea. Either way, great work ensues.

Need some inspiration? Here are AdAge’s 15 Most Memorable Experiential Marketing Moves of 2015. How about this stunt from North Face in which a pop-up store with disappearing floors forced startled shoppers to scale the walls?


This Week in Social

instagram-vertical-2Instagram goes Widescreen

Instagram announced that they are (finally) supporting vertical and horizontal posts, moving away from their iconic square format. Brands and consumers alike were quick to use the long-awaited new feature, which is meant to encourage “more cinematic” photography and videography.

BornandMadecomPutting the Self (Worth) in Selfie

Carol’s Daughter – a natural beauty company – launched their #BORNandMADE campaign which encourages women to know and celebrate themselves through shareable memes resulting in the most positive combo of inspirational quotes and selfies.

live-tweetPrivate Moments go Public with #PlaneBreakup

A flight turned interesting for all of Twitter when a woman decided to live-Tweet a couple’s most private moment: their break-up. Moral of the story: even bad news is interesting enough to trend.