The Sunnier Side of the Office – December 14, 2015


ec0a82b8-5f9b-427d-b57f-4b81afd1b343Digital Ad Revenue Higher Than Ever
IAB’s recent quarterly report revealed that digital ad spending is higher than its ever been. Unsurprisingly, spend on digital ads has been growing since Al Gore first breathed life into the internet. This quarter, the total came out to $15 billion, which beats out the spend from the same time last year. Spend growth is driven predominantly by mobile advertising, which accounted for $8.2 billion in the first half of 2015, a 54% growth overall.

But just to keep things in check – IAB also reported $8.2 billion lost every year to ad blockers and ad fraud. So, not everything is so peaches-and-cream.



b2699ae6-6c89-489f-a45a-938b06b5cb9cNetflix Accounts for One Third of Primetime Internet Traffic
Traditional television ratings cannot measure just how big Netflix has become. So, Sandvine, a Canadian communications company, has been measuring web traffic during primetime hours and reports show that Netflix accounts for 35% of primetime traffic. The next closest was YouTube with 17%. 

While the measurement system is not perfect, (streaming back to back to back episodes of the Twilight Zone reruns takes way more data than falling down a Wikipedia wormhole) it could grow to become a measure of popularity on the internet. Streaming overall now accounts for 65% of traffic during peak hours, which says something both about how quickly consumption habits have shifted and how important data consumption has become. The latter is particularly important to the companies supplying it, like Comcast, who – surprise, surprise – uses Sandvine hardware to limit traffic to certain areas of the web. 


13e87f3d-7320-489b-a6bc-9a06b1f8f223Twitter to Capitalize on Its 500 Million Non-users
Every year, 500 million people use Twitter without logging in. The popular nomenclature for these people is “lurkers” and they are a bane on the Twitter ad business as they are not served the ads like regular ol’ tweeters. So, Twitter will begin advertising to all the hordes of people who think they are too good for the social media service.

Twitter estimates each lurker to be valued at $2.50 (compared to a logged in user, who is worth $4.00). Twitter’s dehumanizing labels of its users aside, that represents $1.25 billion in potential income.

52d8ea92-af14-4e9b-8a97-a8b574c914e8Media Partner of the Week: Brit+Co

Former Google and Apple employee, Brit Morin who is described as Silicon Valley’s “geek-chic answer to Martha Stewart”, founded SF based company Brit+Co known for its DIY online media and e-commerce platform aimed at millennial women. 

Brit+Co is one of the fastest growing new media companies that inspires and teaches women to participate in a creative lifestyle and provides tools to enable creativity from traditional crafts to high tech manufacturing. 

Brit+Co has partnered with lots of brands to create engaging content including custom editorial piecesat-home DIY kitsonline classes and experiential retail

This Week in Social

d0617b56-80ac-40a0-a3b8-bc55d471bb0c.format_jpeg.inline_yesReeses Combats Tree Shaming 
Apparently consumers weren’t happy that their “tree-shaped” holiday Reese’s were a little misshapen and Twitter exploded with their comments of disdain and cries that they looked more like Moose poops than evergreens. Nonetheless, Reese’s had a response to their mass production faux pas – #AllTreesAreBeautiful.

Screen-Shot-2015-12-11-at-11.51.11-AMConversations to Beat the Cold
The North Face has decided to do the shopping for you based on your social media posts. By using data relative to conversations happening across various social platforms, the popular outdoor brand’s online customer service tool will tailor its top choices for your specific needs.

instagram-husband-1-hed-2015A Viral Social Portrait Parody
Early last week a video was posted detailing the struggles of husbands who are faced with photo-obsessed wives. If the video isn’t enough, don’t worry – there’s a whole Tumblr account of memes on for your enjoyment.