The Sunnier Side of the Office – December 21, 2015

94529d21-657b-4400-85cc-a438199f42c2In Mobile Era, ESPN’s Sportscenter Struggles in Primetime
ESPN, or more accurately the Walt Disney Co., is doing fantastically. It has more live sports than ever thanks to a couple Dr. Evil-esque contracts with the NFL and NBA. But despite that, ESPN is having some of the same problems that many other television networks are having. Beyond live sports, ESPN is stuggling to maintain viewership.

For years, SportsCenter was the flagship program for ESPN, providing sports news and highlights in a nightly format. But in a world where sports news is updated in realtime and thousands of Steph Curry highlights and Cam Newton dab dances are only a search away, fewer people are tuning into scheduled programming. Not to be outdone by looping gifs and 6 second videos, ESPN has beefed up SportsCenter’s mobile and social presence, as well as added a morning and late night broadcast. 


691ad4d4-6751-46f0-bb3a-3b34c3493cfcYou Can Now Call An Uber From Facebook Messenger
Continuing its quest to control your time on the internet, Facebook added to its arsenal by allowing users to hail cabs from within Messenger. Simply click transportation button and call a cab. Users don’t even have to leave the app to sign up. The partnership is important for both companies as they vie for complete control over their respective industries, with Uber wanting to become the world’s go-to transportation method and Facebook working to eventually replace face-to-face interaction entirely.

How Downloading Has Changed the Gaming Industry

During the holidays, many expect to see a huge bump in sales of video games. However, nobody seems to go into stores like GameStop or Best Buy anymore to buy games. Indeed, this November physical game sales, and consequently stock prices, were down. Instead, buying and downloading games online has become an industry norm and now threatens to replace in store buying completely. Who could have seen this coming?? (see: anyone who remembers Blockbuster, Tower Records, Borders, etc.) 


91ea8c0a-57e4-4892-b8cd-25d468dca2aaMedia Partner of the Week: Medium

Medium is a unique publishing platform started by Mr. Twitter, Evan Williams. Simply put, Medium is the place “where thoughtful people and organizations publish the world.” It’s where Periscope was first unveiled and where Obama publishes his State of the Union address. Every article on Medium estimates the total time it will take a user to read it and costs all of their media on “TTR” (total time reading). We like this metric because in the world of content, the time a user spends actually engaging with content versus accidentally clicking on it is incredibly compelling. And it reflects well on Medium’s avid readership who spend 3.5 minutes reading per visit. That’s a lot! (Especially for someone has written more than once about the power and importance of watching things in six second increments.)  

Medium is a partner we have worked with before for Upwork’s brand launchPlus, MTZHF’s very own Dean Casalena is a contributor! Check out Dean’s analysis of how we judge books by their cover.

This Week in Social

StarWarsTheForceAwakensLogoThe Force on Facebook
Before the big debut weekend of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, more than 53 million people were discussing the film on Facebook. Surprisingly, majority of the mentions were from female users, and most of the posts were about Chewbacca.

twttr0987Best of Twitter in 2015
ICYMI, Twitter created this video to highlight all of the things that went viral this year. The compilation features everything from passage of gay marriage to Caitlyn Jenner’s dramatic debut.

Tastemade-FeaturedFloods of Food Videos
We’ve all seen them – videos of easy recipes seem to be every other post on Facebook. That’s mostly thanks to Tastemade, who claims 1 billion views per month across its network, with social channels as the main contributors.