The Sunnier Side of the Office – February 1, 2016


Four Social Platforms Plan To Take On Twitter’s Super Bowl Dominance
Every year, the Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events. Being that Twitter is the most realtime social media platform, it has been the go-to for big game advertisers every year. This year, 4 other social platforms are hoping to challenge Twitters Super Bowl dominance.

Facebook, who just launched Sports Stadium which provides live scores and updates, is running ads for Butterfinger and Mini USA who are hoping to reach the platform’s massive and highly targetable audiences.

Snapchat will be running ads for Pepsi and Budweiser. Instead of running prerecorded video content, Snapchat will be compiling user generated and submitted snaps in realtime for the brands.

Instagram has opened up its advertising floodgates, so many expect to see lots of ads coming from a cornucopia of different advertisers. Some are worried it could dilute the platforms content and annoy users just trying to look at brunch pictures and internet memes.

Google is finally showing up for the big game after sitting out for a number of years. Google introduced “Real Time Ads” recently, in hopes of capturing some of the ad money Twitter has gathered during the game. So much so that Venture Beat thinks it is actually just a dffferent version of Twitter…



The Iowa Caucuses Are Finally Here And So Are All The Political Digital Ads
With the Iowa Caucuses finally upon us [quick refresher: here’s the definition of a caucus versus a primary] and that means political digital advertising reached an apex this weekend. While some candidates are using the final days to aggressively reaffirm their devotion to god, three candidates have been particularly aggressive in upping their digital ad strategy. Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders are all hedging their digital bets primarily on YouTube, where each has a number of video ads running. A rep from the Cruz camp said that they preferred YouTube, as opposed to Facebook where they are also running video, because “on Facebook you usually don’t stop and turn the sound on” whereas “YouTube ads are a more like campaign ads, and they offer a realistic way to pay for it.” 

The number of videos varies between candidates. While Clinton only has three ads running, Cruz’s campaign team has lost count. “There are probably hundreds at this point,” Cruz’s director of research and analytics said. One ad in particular from the Sanders campaign has already tallied up over 2.8 million views, more than any other ad on YouTube, no doubt thanks to the coalition of Millennials Sanders has built.


Self Driving Cars: The Next Frontier for Marketers
Autonomous driving is well on its way to becoming the future of transportation. So, Tech Crunch is looking at the effect this will have on marketing. In a world where people have their hands and eyes free from staring at the road, marketers will have great opportunity to reach people on the move. The average person spends two hours driving to-and-from work, home, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. The opportunity to reach people through location-based, realtime, user-preference targeting grows immensely. While Tech Crunch views this as new uncharted territory, yellow cabs are rolling their eyes; they have been doing this for years


Media Partner of the Week: Captivate

Long elevator rides in high-rise office buildings are inherently awkward, silent, and spent intently staring anywhere else but at your co-riders. Captivate Elevator and Lobby Network takes advantage of this unique time by placing TV screens in elevators and lobbies across the country reaching a high-value audience of professionals during the precious few minutes they’re actually captive during the work day.

The audience? Average age of 40 with a HHI $94K+.

Starting last Tuesday, SoFi’s Bankless World spot is running in 164 banking buildings across the country to announce the beginning of the end of banking.


This Week in Social: Emoji Speak: The Official Language of Social

This week the Unicode Consortium announced the next set of emojis that will be released later this year including an avocado emoji and a much-awaited selfie emoji. As emoji has grown, it have also become an essential for the way brands connect with consumers online and occasionally offline, too. Here are a few examples of the best emoji-driven campaigns: