The Sunnier Side of the Office – February 16, 2016

2544863b-4276-4b2a-b27c-406fb30810f9Looking At Presidential Candidates Through The Lens Of Social Media
The data journalists over at FiveThirtyEight compiled an interactive map of the US illustrating which candidate is winning the “Facebook Primary” across every district. The map gives users the ability to look at different races like Trump vs. Clinton in NYC or GOP leaders in South Carolina. Obviously, a Facebook like is not a vote and this map is not likely to be predictive of actual results. After all, only 58% of American adults use Facebook and it skews young, low-income, and female. And Ben Carson has the most likes of all the candidates but has yet to make his presence known at a primary or caucus (or a debate for that matter).

Nevertheless, it’s a fascinating way to look at an election that has been defying the traditional systems for forecasting elections, like polling or endorsements (both of which FiveThirtyEight also neatly tracks). And indeed, it might at least give some insight into the ways that social media houses its own political universe and how that universe is becoming a part of the election process.


8a4a2745-aa78-4dde-9faf-ae58bca47e83Tidal Finally Shows Up To The Streaming Party, Immediately Trips Over Its Own Feet

The past two months have been big for Tidal, the Jay Z owned high-definition music streaming service that debuted to some mild mockery last year. In January, Rihanna released Anti exclusively on Tidal, but not before it was accidentally made available prior to the intended date. No doubt the exclusivity helped the service, but the flubbed release did not help the company’s image. Similarly, Kanye West released The Life of Pablo on exclusively on Tidal this past week. And while its premier bumped the app to the top of the app store, it came with countless cases of overcharged or accidentally charged users and it led people to incorrect download links multiple times. So, it’s understandable that the media is continuing to be skeptical about the service’s future.

However, if Tidal can keep scoring major exclusive deals, it could be a huge boon to business, like being the only service with Taylor Swift has helped boost Apple Music. But if it continues to fumble releases, it could be a rough year for Jay Z, Beyonce, and Co. 


1cc99059-81f4-4017-b4a2-f4e19df7c9e1Nudity-Free Playboy Scoring Big With Advertisers
Last October, Playboy (link is moderately SFW, I promise) announced that it was going to stop printing magazines with any nudity, finally giving credence to people who said “they only read it for the articles” (and deeply disappointing those who lied about it). Stoli sensed that the change was going to make a splash, so it opted for a two page spread (above) in the first non-nude issue which hits stands in March. And after seeing the initial issue, many more brands are ready to get on board.

Already, there are 55% more ad pages in the magazine and over 1,200 newsstands now carry Playboy that hadn’t previously. While newsstand sales only make up 10% of sales, Playboy is very optimistic, particularly because it is no longer relegated to the covered-by-cardboard, back-of-the-shelf placement, and can finally sit front and center. 

074653b6-2871-475f-a444-10ba8f34231dMedia Partner of the Week: AT&T AdWorks

AT&T AdWorks is the leader in addressable TV advertising reaching 12MM households, which allows advertisers to show specific commercials to specific viewers. Audiences can be targeted based on a variety of information such as income, type of insurance owned, car ownership, and TV viewing habits. This helps ensure that a brand’s message finds the best data-qualified household with zero waste.
AT&T AdWorks recently released a new advertising product that allows brands to leverage a cross-screen addressable strategy. In partnership with Opera Mediaworks, brands can now retarget consumers who have seen its ad on TV while they are on mobile devices, allowing brands to build frequency and increase campaign performance.
With the wide range of product offerings and sophisticated targeting capabilities, AT&T AdWorks is a great partner to consider for any brands interested in running on TV.

ae629c00-bf19-452c-8e27-8001d62a795cThis Week in Social: #ICYMI while you were on your #3DayWeekend, Kanye West, Martin Shkreli, and T. Swift made for some bizarre Twitter drama over the past few days.

First, you get Martin offering Kanye $15M for the rights to Kanye’s new album, The Life of Pablo. Martin apparently signed a deal, forked over the money in Bitcoins, but was totally scammed out of it (but not really)Then, Kanye takes to Twitter announcing that he’s $53M in debt followed by a random request (statement?) asking Mark Zuckerberg for $1B to “invest” in Kanye West’s ideas. Presumably the $1B would clear that $53M in debt that was revealed the previous day before getting to any actual new ideas.

Finally, one of Kanye’s new songs, “Famous” has a line that states he’s the one that made Taylor famous (with a lot more expletives). In a pointed statement from Taylor upon winning her Grammy for Album of The Year: “…there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame…”. Kanye has yet to respond.