The Sunnier Side of the Office – February 8, 2016

63f64bb7-e7ee-4b1d-92da-ab6fcef126bbAfter Record Ad Spending, Peyton Manning Gives Away Millions in Free Publicity
Advertisers spent a record $345.4 million on time during this year’s Super Bowl. To be clear, that’s not all that special; Super Bowl ad spending has gone up year over year almost every year since 2000. Check out the Wall Street Journal’s breakdown of each year’s spend by industry for more detail. In case you’re wondering, this year’s biggest industry: Automotive. But despite record number of dollars put into the ads, the night ended with some free publicity that may have made an even bigger impact, at least on Twitter.

After winning his second career championship, Peyton Manning turned around, smooched Papa John, and plugged Budweiser directly into the camera. Budweiser insists that it did not pay the quarterback to say anything – and, indeed, it could not have as the NFL forbids athletes from endorsing alcohol brands. Whatever happens to Peyton (likely nothing except making more money from the stake he has in the company), the plug amounted to $3.2 million in free publicity for the beer brand, which is well over half the $5 million every brand shelled out for 30 seconds of airtime.

No word yet, on how much his gentle embrace of Papa John was worth for Papa John’s Pizza.


Viceland, Vice’s TV Network Will Be Launching February 29
Vice has finally put a date on the release of its network channel, Viceland. And praise Leap Day William because the network will be launched on February 29th.

Since the announcement, Vice has teased a new show almost every day. So far the roster is set to include Gaycation with Ellen Page, a show about gay cultures around the world, Balls Deep, a show about a hipster being put in particularly un-hip scenarios, F*ck, That’s Delicious!, a show about a rapper/chef Action Bronson’s culinary travels, Weediquette, a show about weed culture and activism, and Flophouse, a show about the weird world of young stand up comics. A few more will likely be announced before the 29th, including adaptations of Vice World of Sports and NOISEY, Vice’s music blog. No word on whether programming will be coming out of some of the other Vice properties like Broadly or Motherboard.

In case that doesn’t get you excited or, in the very least, intrigued, Vice also announced the names of Viceland’s presidents: Eddy Moretti and Spike Jonze. Moretti is known for is work with Vice over years, including working on Vice Films and executive producing for Vice’s HBO show. Jonze is known for being an award-winning filmmaker, including HerAdaptation., Being John Malkovich, and amazing music videos like this one.


Messaging App, Kik, Comes Under Fire For Its Universal Anonymity
If you are an adult in this country, you probably haven’t heard of Kik (or at least know anyone who uses it). That’s because Kik is an incredibly popular messaging app with American teenagers, but it has very little penetration at all with American adults. Some of the key elements and points of sale for this app and similar ones are that they are anonymous and are not overrun with parents, news, and brands, yet. 

However, that anonymity is beginning to show some dark side effects, as it has enabled abuse, drug dealing, and even terrorism among other things. The New York Times covered the app recently and the role it played in the kidnap and murder of a 13 year old girl in Virginia. While Kik has been totally cooperative in the investigation, the situation is leading to questions about how we use anonymous media and where we need to be drawing lines.

Here is the Times’ list of the scandals each anonymous app has run into

897763f5-2c68-4343-9ccd-8c3c281bfbf0Client Spotlight: SoFi

Huge things happening for our client, SoFi, this week.

Last night, SoFi showcased their brand to TV’s biggest national audience during the first ad break of Super Bowl 50. The spot, “Great Loans for Great People,” helped explain SoFi’s unique way of lending to an audience of 111.9MM.

SoFi also kicked off its sponsored content series, Future of Money, on Medium with Founder and former banker Dan Macklin explaining the need for an alternative to banking. (Enter SoFi.)

And this morning, SoFi Founder and CEO Mike Cagney joined Kara Swisher on this week’s episode of Re/Code Decode to discuss how SoFi got its start and the way he envisions revolutionizing the financial industry from within.

Still unsure who SoFi is? Check out this video series M/H created explaining everything from how SoFi differs from a bank to how to pronounce it.

b6688d91-7be1-47c2-bd05-55c61b542a87This Week in Social: Who Won the Super Bowl on Social Media?

Super Bowl ads don’t only exist on TV in today’s day and age. Winning the Super Bowl on social media is becoming an important part of Super Bowl Sunday. Here’s a breakdown of the day’s winners including Doritos, Esurance, and the hashtag #puppymonkeybaby, which was trending before halftime. While the hashtag did well, it didn’t garner the positive response Mountain Dew might have hoped for, as most of the mentions were negative.