The Sunnier Side of the Office – January 25, 2016

15ae8ccc-3538-4bba-ad29-ac695512939cMass Exodus at Twitter Leaves Shares at All Time Low
Last night, multiple sources reported that half of Twitter’s senior managing was leaving, including heads of engineering, HR, product and global media. The exodus comes only a few months after a shakeup that found Jack Dorsey back at Twitter as CEO. With all of the ensuing mania, Twitter stock has fallen below $20 a share, an all time low.

Despite Twitter’s influence and importance in the world today (+300 million monthly users), it has failed to grow at a healthy rate. Recent changes and a few rumored to come all paint a picture of a company desperate to attract new users and change the perception that it’s a sinking ship. Things have gotten so desperate that they are toying with the idea of expanding the character limit from 140 to 10,000, which would essentially turn Twitter into Facebook and Twitter users into Twitter non-users.

Read Jack Dorsey’s comments on the matter here.

e672f44d-b080-4e71-9f41-b7b208418e19Mozilla Founder Unveil New Browser that Replaces Ads And With Its Own
Mozilla founder, Brendan Eich announced the release of a new browser, Brave, that would change the way internet users are served ads. Brave blocks (some) ads from appearing and replaces them with its own. The function is not to combat ads, but rather to combat the third party trackers that layer on top of websites, slow down traffic, and store and sell data on everyone using the internet. Brave still stores users data, but that data stays local (even Eich’s company cannot access it) and based on that data, the browser filters ads.

If you’ve ever been curious just how many third party trackers are following you while you surf the internet, check out Ghostery, a plug in that displays all of the tags and trackers present on each website. It should give some idea of the issues Eich is trying to address with Brave. 

3af1c993-18f5-4a47-9f1f-8357712d7be6Univision Buys Controlling Stake in The Onion
Last week Univision, America’s leading Spanish-language media network, bought a 40% stake in the Onion, America’s Finest News Source. If you are familiar with both, the move seems pretty odd, given that the Onion has operated independently for almost three decades, its writing is in english and it’s headlines are complete nonsense (with the exception of its wonderful pop culture blog, The AV Club, which cannot be recommend enough).

What the move really signifies is a change in Univision as a media company. As a Spanish-language network, Univision appeals to an older crowd of Latinos, the children of whom are consuming media predominantly in English. So, while the pairing may seem odd, its a sign that Univision is serious about its growth and appeal within a changing latino population. Any media company would kill for the reach and appeal the Onion has amongst young Americans, and despite its Spanish-language history, Univision is no different. 

2055536b-a3cb-41f7-960a-05ab2b1534a0Media Partner of the Week: OwnerIQ

OwnerIQ is a programmatic advertising platform that has exclusive data partnerships with 500+ retailers, product brands and shopping comparison/couponing sites. Brands can partner with OwnerIQ to gain access to shopper data and insights in order to reach qualified customers.They build unique shopper profiles based on a specific target’s shopping patterns to ensure brands are reaching people who are most likely to purchase. This allows brands to reach people online who shop in-store at their current retail locations, as well as find new customers who purchase similar products.

d0fc6255-3273-4d17-9d85-322dd9b8a484This Week in Social: Boiling Down Fast Food’s Obsession with Twitter

Chain restaurants of all kinds are known for joining in on social conversations where they belong, and sometimes where they don’t (really, KFC?). While their day-to-day banter can be pretty entertaining, our favorite quick, cheap taco, burger and breakfast joints know how to stir things up online. A few months ago, Burger King attempted to call it truths with McDonalds (and failed). McDonald’s was then the star again when other breakfast chains were up in arms about #AllDayBreakfast – IHOP, you killed it. Last week, yet more beef clogged the Twitter feed when BK took Wendy’s 4 for $4 promo personally. For our personal faves on the grease-meter, check out @tacobell@dominos, and @IHOP. Hilarity, hunger, and hamburgers ensue.