The Sunnier Side of the Office – October 12, 2015

a75bae9e-2f4b-4b2c-80dd-8709a0f0214dFacebook Expands the Like Button 
Facebook is incorporating new reactions beyond “like” into the fold, with love, haha, yay, wow, sad, and angry. The product is in testing in Ireland and Spain, but could roll out stateside soon. The change will put Facebook advertisers in a funny position, with a little more insight into consumer reaction. It may mean that advertisers will have to put a little more work into the advertisements they put on Facebook, if consumers show a great dislike.

84591f36-8531-4249-a303-bf948a26bc16Twitter Rolls Out Live Events Feature, Trims Some Fat
With its shiny, new CEO, Twitter has already begun making real changes. First, Twitter released “Moments,” a live events section that culls together top tweets surrounding a highly current events, like a Princeton professor winning the Nobel PrizePug Life photos, and Chase Utley going full Randy Savage on the Mets.

Simultaneously, Twitter will be making some cutbacks, starting with halting expansion of its SF office and compounding that with a series layoffs that should help the company shed some weight. 

16fcb2cb-1c3c-48ae-8de3-1da9504f24dfInside the Aftermath of Reddit’s Meltdown
There was a long piece (perhaps a little tl;dr for some) about Reddit’s recent changes in Wired that is well worth reading.

This newsletter has talked before about the issues that Reddit poses; its history of being a being a bastion for free internet speech has made for some nasty communities and conversations, all while being one of the most influential websites (and one which MTZHF is no stranger to). CEO Steve Huffman likens the company to the federal government “trying to create the framework and keep things loosely together.” And I don’t think anyone in the federal government would tell you that having free speech doesn’t come with drawbacks. In a community of 200 million, roughly 5 times the population of our great state of California, it’s natural that crumby people will bubble up and make waves.

Since the firing of a popular moderator that sent the website into bit of a tizzy, Reddit’s CEO Ellen Pao resigned and unsuccessfully brought a harassment lawsuit on the company. While her departure was reportedly mutual, the board was left without any diversity, which contradicts the notion that Reddit represents the internet at large. But perhaps that says more about the internet at large (and society in general, really), when wealthy white men are the only people calling shots and not getting regularly trolled and harassed.

But now, Huffman is making attempts to grow the company in a way it hasn’t done since it first launched. He did a little “spring cleaning” and is launching a new publication called UpVoted, a comment-free site that looks a bit like Buzzfeed, mostly because Buzzfeed takes all of its content from Reddit in the first place. In the coming weeks, expect a better iOS and Android UX, more efficient ad products, and more growth from the Front Page of the Internet.

Media Partner of the Week: The Infatuation

High fives to for introducing us to yet another killer, media partner, The Infatuation.

The Infatuation is one of the country’s most popular resources for restaurant reviews and dining recommendations. Since launching in New York in 2009, The Infatuation has built an incredibly loyal following of food-obsessed young people who look to them as their go-to resource for restaurant-related content. Their mission? Become the Zagat for a new generation. As in not-stuffy, approachable, and   freaking delicious food for real millennial occasions such as “Day Drinking,” “Wasting Your Time and Money,” and “First/Early in the Game Dates.”

In the last two years alone, 1MM people have tagged photos of their food with The Infatuation’s hashtag, #EEEEEATS, and in March of this year The Infatuation’s Instagram received 1.1MM engagements (likes and comments).

The Infatuation has existing relationships with a host of influencers such as Chrissy Tiegen and Marnie the Dog. And as a relatively smaller “start-up,” still has the   the nimbleness to execute custom branded integrations such as Chobani’s sponsorship of the New York Summer Guide (climbing to the #1 spot on iBooks!)

This Week In Social

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 1.20.54 PMGoogle Drive Goes Down
Last Friday, Google Drive was down for the count, which meant employees everywhere had way too much time to post reaction gifsChaos and hilarity abounded

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 1.22.21 PM#CocksNotGlocks
A hashtag tied to a very controversial political debate is taking social media by storm – it’s now more legal to carry a concealed weapon than certain 
harmless…  unmentionable devices. Let the digital and IRL protest begin.

black-bars-hed-2015Space Well Used
J. Walter Thompson Brazil is taking advantage of YouTube’s reluctance to support vertical video by adding ads for non-profits to the black bars on the sides of the videos.