The Sunnier Side of the Office – October 19, 2015

2009d8a7-ec3a-447b-a967-cbaf38f9306cNBC To Produce Show Based On QuizUp, 104th Most Popular Gaming App
When has adapting video games for the screen ever not been successful?That’s what NBC producers have been asking themselves has they hedge their bets on a new show adapted from the popular app QuizUp. The new quiz show will be interactive for any viewers who have downloaded the app.

Back in 2013, QuizUp became the fastest growing mobile app of all time, but now stands at #104 on the gaming charts. With an Angry Birds movie already in the works, there are still 102 golden opportunities to turn popular mobile gaming into film and television franchises. Personally, I holding out for Fruit Ninja: the Miniseries.

3bf59559-c992-40b4-8f82-329d0582c7d0Playboy Revamps Without Nudity
Last week, Playboy announced that it will be no longer be including nude images in its magazine. It’s an attempt to get with the times and stay afloat in today’s print industry. Their website (SFW, I promise) had already made the shift to entirely lifestyle focused content. In doing so, the number of visitors quadrupled and the median reader age dropped from 47 to 30. Expect similar shifts for the print magazine, even in today’s troubled print market. The change should put Playboy in the same category as GQ and Esquire and make honest men out of anyone saying they just read Playboy for the articles. 

61525033-3bc8-4a1e-930c-ec3083e8a7ebGoogle To Test Out Reddit’s Branded Video Series 
Google is producing a video series through Reddit, in what is the first major project from Reddit’s content studio. The studio opened in May and promises to connect brands to Reddit’s audience in an authentic way. Google’s new series, “Formative,” will be based on stories about inspirational entrepreneurs that users share in the subreddit /r/entrepreneur. The success of the series could be crucial for brands who are weary about partnering with Reddit and it’s troublesome user base. 

Media Partner of the Week: iAd

A few weeks ago we met with iAd, Apple’s network of in-app ads. What set iAd’s offering apart from other mobile network’s offerings is the strength of its proprietary user data. iAd has a store of more than 900 million global iTunes accounts, linking people directly to their credit card information, information that is regularly updated and accurate. Worried about fraud? iAd virtually eliminates this concern by only serving ads to individuals identified by their validated Apple ID, a login credential connected directly to users’ registration and billing data at scale. This 1st party data further allows advertisers to seamlessly integrate messaging across all devices connected to iTune from a user’s work computer to their rose gold iPhone 6S. 

This Week in Social

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.13.07 PMHey McDonald’s, All Day Breakfast is Nothing New
A few major breakfast chains threw shade at Mickey D’s for getting major all-day breakfast attention, especially IHOP who made a point to mention that they’ve bee serving breakfast all day since 1958.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.15.09 PMReal Chicken Gets Real on Twitter
An Australian chain restaurant took “chicken scratch” literally when they let one of their own feathered friends take control of their Twitter account.

Donald Trump is scheduled to guest host an upcoming episode of SNL and the Twitter community isn’t happy about it. Will #DumpTrump get them somewhere or will they have to watch an entire episode of toupée torture?