The Sunnier Side of the Office – October 5, 2015


The Cost of Viewing a Mobile Ad

When people argue about ad blockers, the conversation is mostly about clutter and polluting the online experience. But people should be talking about the data used up by loading ads. And in this pay-by-the-GB world we live in, every bit of data costs money. The New York Times put together an interactive piece exploring mobile advertising on some of the bigger websites out there. Looking at loading time, data used, and the cost of loading a page, the article explores how sites favoring ads over editorial, and what that means for our phones. Its all bad news for frequenters of, which costs 40 cents just to load a mobile page.

One of the major pros for many using ad blockers is saving time and data (both of which are, by the transitive property, money). For regular visitors of certain websites, like The Independent of the Chicago Tribune, it might actually be cheaper to pay for a subscription. If the publishing and advertising industry wants to take on ad blocking, creating faster loading times could be a good place to start. 

And just in case you were wondering, it takes 7.9 seconds to load the ads on, and 10.4 seconds to load editorial content. That’s 19 cents per visit.


Facebook Adds Some New Features

Star Wars continued its social media blitz by being the first to roll out a video in Facebook’s new 360-Degree virtual reality. Last year Facebook bought Oculus Rift for $2 billion dollars, so now we get to explore shipwrecked Imperial Star Destroyers and the barren lands of a planet the nerds are calling Tatooine. Check the video out here.  

In non-Star-Wars news, Facebook is now letting users make their profile pictures temporary and/or 7 second looping videos. The former will be helpful for those looking to support a trendy cause. The latter will benefit those who are still trying to make Vine happen


Twitter Could Move Beyond 140 Characters

There has been speculation that Twitter, the social network who’s brevity is its defining characteristic, will be ditching 140 characters in favor of something a little more wordy. In general, people are not very bullish about Twitter, so the move is likely an attempt to win over a more long-winded demographic. 

In what is most likely related news, Twitter has a new (depending on how you look at it) CEO. Founder and facial-hair-icon Jack Dorsey will be taking over in a more permanent manner.

Media Partner of the Week: PopularPays

Thanks to, we’re now 100% on board with PopularPays, the hot new platform for activating Insta’s most influential ‘grammers. The YCombinator-backed startup allows brands to tap into the following of the top Instagram influencers (over 1,000+ Instagrammers with 50K followers each). Early brands like Nike have seen incredible results through the platform with one campaign driving 1.4MM impressions and 43K likes. How it works? A brand simply sends out a brief to the platform’s influencers who then apply with their idea. The brand then selects influencers based on profile/price. Selected influencers submit their photos + captions for the brand to choose from allowing 100% creative control before the post is set live. PopPays streamlines the influencer activation process with technology versus buying on a talent agency model. The brand then retains full rights to the photos posted to re-use at their discretion.

And for those of you Insta-Celebs at M/H (looking at you @shortformelissa and @itsallgid) if you have 500+ followers you can download the PopPays app as an influencer and start unlocking products/$$$ in exchange for posts. Pretty cool, right?

This Week in Social:

1455044678442810915Selfies for Charity
At an Arizona State football game, announcers called out sorority girls taking selfies, which proved to be highly controversial when it hit social channels. The girls are using their new internet fame to ask people to donate to charity. Philanthropy win.

pope-emoji#Blessed Emoji
For the Pope’s visit to the States, Twitter blessed his holiness with his very own set of emoji.

_85819388_snowden_grabSnowden Joins Twitter
His first and only following is the NSA. It beginning to seem like he might have some sort of vested interest in tracking what they do…