The Sunnier Side of the Office – September 14, 2015

c9b64368-a913-4326-b3a1-481f843d86e2Google and Twitter Working Together to Speed Up the Web

With more and more people getting their news from social media, it’s important for companies like Twitter and Facebook to have strong relationship with the big publishers. A little while back, Facebook announced that it would be integrating articles from Buzzfeed and The New York Times (among others) natively, called “Instant Articles.” So now, Google and Twitter are trying to win over publishers by building a new linking and article storage system that will load articles in milliseconds. It would be a huge step up from the 5-10 second loading time most articles have now. The idea is to set a new standard for digital news and internet sharing in general (and have that new standard be synonymous with Twitter and Google).

No word, however, on whether their algorithm will run faster than middle-out compression.

coke-whisper-01-2015Coke Runs Ads on Anonymous App, Whisper

Apps like Whisper and Yik Yak have been marred with controversy. They are often a hot bed for malicious comments and bullying (just ask their fallen brethren, Secret, which was shut down in April). Naturally, most advertisers are weary of dealing with the anonymous apps. However, Coke gave it a shot last week for their Make It Happy Campaign. The campaign addresses the rampant cyber bullying that is so common in the anonymous space (and just about everywhere on the internet). Dustin Lance Black, Milk screenwriter and an important voice for anti-bullying, created the campaign for Coke.

888ef63d-a095-483d-a549-d66c01c54b9eCheck Out AdWeek’s Media Plans of the Year

Last week, AdWeek announced their winners for Media Plan of the Year. The list includes well known, heavily awarded campaigns like #LikeAGirl, Newcastle’s annual non-Superbowl ad, Taco Bell’s social blackout, among a handful of others. The list is worth a perusal, if only to watch Jimmy Fallon test out different inventions (like an edible cereal bowl) in the name of innovation and General Electric.

**Corrections from last week:

It was brought to our attention last week by our client partner from Netflix, Caitlin Peterson, that Hulu’s ad-free subscription service is not all that ad-free. Seven shows on the platform will still have ads, including New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, and Once Upon A Time, all of which are available ad-free on Netflix. Just sayin’.

Media Opportunity of the Week: Podcasts

This past week, IAB hosted its first-ever Podcast Upfront, formalizing a trend everyone already knew was happening: podcasts are in. Presenting sponsors included Panoply, AdLarge, Podtrac, Midroll, ESPN, CBS, WNYC, and NPR. Podtrac is the company behind the ground-breaking Serial podcast, receiving 100 million downloads across 12 episodes and continues to grow by 12 million downloads per month. Perhaps the most enticing part of podcasts for advertisers is that it is the one mobile platform that defies screen size. Delivered in authentic, transparent blocks, podcast advertisement borrows the equity of the show’s narrators to bring their brand story to life. The podcast audience is a growing cohort of young, loyal, educated, and affluent consumers.

If you’re interested, check out our friend Sam Zabell’s podcast called “Adulting Made Easy” helping young adults navigate real world problems post-college — such as how to negotiate your first salary or date.

And if you’re interested in the podcast advertising landscape, check out FiveThirtyEight’s breakdown of podcast sponsorships.

This Week in Social

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.40.46 PMInfluence Meets Industry on LinkedIn

This week business-oriented social network, LinkedIn, launched NextWave — a list of top professionals in 15 industries from finance to food & leisure. This concept piggybacks the ever-popular social influencer networks present on Twitter and Instagram.

instagram-getty-hed-2015Getty Rewards Cultural Documentation Through Photography

Between the litter of selfies, memes, and #foodporn on Instagram lie some really inspirational photographs. Getty Images Instagram Grants awarded three Grammers with $10k each recognizing their efforts to document underrepresented communities around the world.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.41.24 PMEpic Storytelling on Instagram

Instagram is mostly about capturing a moment, but the guys over at the D and K Podcast have taken the platform to a new level, telling a story of friendship, heartbreak, and one man’s dark spiral into a life of crime. All Kyle wanted to do was make a podcast. Check out D and K podcast, a favorite account of more than a few of us here at MTZHF.