The Sunnier Side of the Office – September 8, 2015

0fe39c20-05f2-4212-b789-630f2ac2f767New Apple TV Nears Release, is Set to Challenge Gaming Consoles

On Wednesday Apple will reveal a host of new products and capabilities to the world. The event will feature the unveiling of a new Apple TV. The new TV will feature updates to the previous offering, with the most important coming in the form of video games. A new remote will be more gamer friendly and the app store will now put games directly in people’s living rooms.

The changes will most likely attract only casual gamers, but keep in mind that “casual gamers” in 2015 will make up a $7.2 billion market, slightly behind the $11 billion for console games. There is bad news for non-gaming Apple TV fans, however. The price is set to go from $69 to $149, a steep incline for people who just want to watch Orange is the New Black on their TV, but when have price hikes ever stopped Apple fans in the past?

45548a25-1f2b-4586-8a8c-9282f907588fHulu Reveals Netflix-like Ad Free Subscription Service

Look out Netflix, Hulu is coming for you in more ways than one. The most recent was announced last week, when Hulu decided to let users bypass all ads for $12.99 a month. Hulu already had a subscription services, but it was not free of ads, just lighter on ads (and that service will continue to exist).

Last week, Hulu also made a deal with Epix, who has just parted ways with Netflix. The deal includes some heavy hitters like the third installment of the Hunger Games series and the 4th of the Transformers. All of this came just after Hulu shelled out $160 million for the exclusive rights to Seinfeld, which already makes up nearly a quarter of all streams.


53edd9fa-d648-458b-a9ad-11efb0df82e1Google to Put Native Ads in Gmail

Google announced that it will be rolling out ads built into people’s inboxes. The ads will be completely native and expandable within both desktop and mobile inbox. They were created to mirror the “informational and visual richness of a landing page.” The ads will also be forward-able, in case you want to send it along to all of your friends and coworkers.

Also, just in case you exclusively use Yahoo or Ask Jeeves, Google has a new logo.


Media Partner of the Week: Buzzfeed

BuzzFeed has mastered the art of shareable and shortly thereafter viral content. An original content powerhouse at more than 200MM monthly uniques, BuzzFeed is well-funded and well-positioned to continue as one of the most influential media companies for millennials. Last week, BuzzFeed confirmed and additional $200MM investment from NBCUniversal at a staggering valuation of $1.5B. So what’s with all the…buzz? First, BuzzFeed is diving headfirst into the digital video space and aims to become a viable TV competitor. At the end of July, Snapchat added BuzzFeed to its exclusive roster of Discover partners producing daily video content for users. BuzzFeed also launched BuzzFeed Motion Pictures and opened the doors to its new studio in LA earlier this year. Furthermore, BF is mapping its social sharing ripple effect with POUND, a proprietary analytics tool to better understand what content pops and where.

With the right content, BuzzFeed has the power to generate incredible results such as the 23MM views for Friskie’s Kitten Video.

For now, all branded-content offerings for advertisers are housed under BuzzFeed Creative, which offers custom social posts, video, promotion and story unites, and paid social promotion.

This Week In Social

retweets-of-love-hed-2015Coke Shares the Love

Instead of merely retweeting their super fans, Coke took 140 character or less love notes from Twitter to beautifully illustrated billboards.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 1.29.45 PM#BacktoHogwarts

JK Rowling reminded Potterheads of a special day in fiction, and as a result they took to social media to wish their very favorite wizard a happy school year.