“There’s No Crying in Quarters”

AD2SF Agency Olympics 2015
MUH·TAY·ZIK | HOF·FER was proud to take home the first place trophy at the first ever AD2SF Agency Olympics last Thursday night. Repping M|H was Emily Mee, Hillary Lannan, Christopher Penman, Alec Black, Nate Gagnon, Alex Dacks, Jack Ireland, and Nadia Last. On their path to glory they faced 9 other teams in 4 events: Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Quarters, and Trivia. Hillary, one of the victors, summed up the evening saying, “We knew going in that we’d crush the Costume and Spirit superlatives, but it was the dream team of Quiet Confidence that crowned MUH·TAY·ZIK | HOF·FER 2015 AD2SF Agency Olympic Champs. There’s no crying in Quarters, and definitely no Angry Bros on team M|H. A critical turning point was during Trivia. As dedicated Yacht Rockers, our knowledge of the illustrious canon of Mr. Michael McDonald (The Great One) was key to our early lead, and the resulting momentum made us unstoppable. Although we (uncharacteristically) fell to Godfrey, Q, and Partners in Flip Cup, quote of the night goes to Mr. Alec Black: “THAT’S HOW YOU FLIP A F*CKING CUP!”
And it was all in the name of charity—all of the proceeds went to AD2SF’s Public Service Program, which provides pro-bono advertising work for local nonprofits. The MUH·TAY·ZIK | HOF·FER office couldn’t be prouder.

Cheers to team Quiet Confidence! HUZZA