This Week In Social: And The Winner Is




Let’s back up for the two of you who may have missed what happened Sunday night. In a historic turn of events, Oscar presenters announced the wrong winner. At least it wasn’t the biggest announcement, like the last award of the night for Best Picture. Oh, wait, it was? Oops. 

And just like that, the Moonlight crew lost their big moment. The film’s win will always have an asterisk denoting the historical blunder. 

If 2004 taught the country about the hanging chad, it seems 2017 will teach us how many envelopes exist off stage for Oscar categories, how easy it is for a presenter to walk in front of the mic with the wrong envelope, question that the information is not correct, proceed forward with unwavering confidence, and finally announce a film that didn’t actually win. 

Twitter came out of this as the real winner of the evening with its memes and reactions. This serves as a nice reminder of why the social media platform is still important during live events.