This Week In Social: The Best Worst Thing

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Last week, a high school student posed a challenge to a brand: 

Yo @Wendys how many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets?

Wendy’s let him know he’d need 18 million Retweets—nevermind that the record for the most Retweets of a tweet is 3.6 million and held by Ellen

However, Carter is edging up on Ellen’s record with 2.6 million Retweets and counting. This has also opened up a can of worms for brands and consumers. Brands usually receive solicitations from fans for free products from Audis to free Netflix, the teen’s highly publicized quest has exponentially increased these tweets met with eye rolls of Community Managers everywhere. 

Feel free to stop by and give poor Carter a RT, but whatever you do please don’t Tweet your favorite brand asking them how many Retweets you need for a free fill-in-the-blank.