M/H on Media: MTV V.M.A.s Take A Ratings Hit

Chance See Bey MTV V.M.A.s Take Big Ratings Hit
The MTV Video Music Awards drew 6.5 million viewers on Sunday, down a staggering 34% from last year’s 9.8 million.

Parent company, Viacom, tried to slow the bleeding by airing the show on 11 cable networks including VH1, Comedy Central and Spike, but the strategy did not work.

The VMAs were not all the sudden irrelevant; however, MTV said it drew 62.8 million online streams up 70% from last year.

The challenge for the network is monetization. Most of the revenue currently comes from broadcast and it will be a lot harder to generate similar revenues via digital.

The show included plenty of fanfare. Beyonce put on a 16-minute performance. Rihanna made 4 separate performances in the show. Kanye’s newest video premiered and he gave a 4-minute speech that only be described as so-very-Kanye. Others like Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj also made appearances.