Not the Russians. The Brits! In 2016, we became part of the VCCP Group. Like-minded souls joining forces across the Atlantic to create a Challenger Network for Challenger Brands.

When we first met the crew from VCCP, we were stuck by how down-to-earth and normal they were. Sophisticated accents aside, they felt like people we wanted to work with… us learning from them, and them learning from us. We share a disdain for large networks and believe that together we can serve global clients more effectively, more inventively, and more authentically.

See the AdAge article here. See some VCCP case studies below.


The world is full of amazing technology, but sometimes people can be a little blasé, non-plussed or cynical towards it. A bit “cat,” you might say. Consumers are surrounded by limitless possibilities but often unwilling to dip their toes in the water in the first place, or sometimes we aren’t quite sure where to start. As O2, a leading telecom in the U.K., looked to expand the brand towards delivering new digital products and services, VCCP realized that its first job was to get people to be open-minded, enthusiastic and excited by the things that technology could offer them.

So VCCP created a movement designed to infect the nation with an attitude of positivity and playfulness. A rallying call to try first and ask questions later. To push every button. To meet things with excitably open arms. To throw yourself in head first. To “Be More Dog” — less aloof about technology, and more excited by its possibilities.

Des’s Mattresses

During the global financial crisis and subsequent banking breakdown in Spain, Spaniards feared for their money, no longer trusting the banks to keep it safe. They also cut their spending, pulling back on bigger purchases like mattresses, affecting Spanish retailers like Des’s Mattresses.

What can happen when consumers no longer trust banks? They hide their money in their mattresses. But Des’s and VCCP took that idea one step further, creating mattresses with built-in safes — a reliable alternative to the unstable banks.

Compare the market

Price-comparison sites have always been a fairly mundane category, but , VCCP and Compare the Market, a utility and insurance comparison site, set out to change the nature of the category by creating the first comparison site with personality.

Cue Aleksandr Orlov, a fictional Russian meerkat and owner of, the basis of a campaign about him and his eternal frustration over the confusion between his website and In the campaign launch in 2009, Aleksander explains that he created TV spots to clear up the confusion between the two sites. Nearly eight years later, the continues and has introduced Aleksander’s family and friends and even toys. The work helped propel the brand from 5% to 40% market share. Today it remains a critical piece of Compare The Market’s marketing, and one of the U.K.’s favorite ad campaigns.


When easyJet launched in 1995, they were committed to making travel affordable for all, offering flights for the price of a pair of jeans. In 2016, their commitment still rings true, which is why their latest brand campaign encourages people to embrace all the possibilities that travel has to offer, because with prices still as low as £29.99, “Why not?”

In VCCP’s fully integrated, pan-European brand campaign, we see an easyJet traveller embracing her “Why not?” attitude to the fullest, as her yearly travel itinerary comes to life inside an easyJet hangar. Dinner in Barcelona? Why not? Trumpet festival in Budapest? Why not? Six hours in Amsterdam? Seriously, Why not?