We’ve Got Another Fantastic Five


Joel Kaplan has finally left the freelancing dark side and joins M/H as a creative director working primarily on Netflix and Zoosk. In the past, he tried his hand at cooking, construction, accounting, illusion, and sound engineering. His diverse background is no match for the fun he brings to the office.

Claire Manoogian is coming to us from DDB California, where she was a creative manager.  She had a long stint at a little agency hidden by the shadow of the Transamerica building before DDB, and is very happy to be at MTZHF.  Claire joins us a project manager on Netflix. She has high arches in her feet, a mild phobia of whales (it’s their size) and often panics during conversations about physics and black holes.

Phillip McCarthy is our token office New Englander – coming to us complete with Sperry Topsiders and sailing stories galore. He also happens to love cars and is a little of a gear head, which comes in handy overseeing the Audi social creative team.

Brittany Tooker is a talented designer joining us from Creative Circus in Georgia. Currently, she’s bringing her binge watching talents to life (sans-wine, of course) by creating awesome original art for Netflix. Fun fact: Brittany loves a great pair of socks.

Noah Aust is a film geek joining M/H from Emerson College on the east coast. When he’s not making awesome video content for social media accounts like Netflix and Zipz, you can find him drawing zany murals on the office walls.

Welcome to all of our newest additions!