Over the last one-hundred years, AAA has helped members prepare for the unexpected. But with an uptick in California wildfires, historic Nor’easters, and category four hurricanes making landfall in the southeast, people need assurance more than ever.

To remind members that AAA can help them through any unusual storm or disaster, we created the “Check” campaign.

Spanning TV, radio, OOH, social, and digital, the “Check” campaign utilizes the simplistic power of just one symbol; the check mark.

Often used to represent the completion of a task, the check is a universal mark that guarantees something has been taken care of and that there is no need to worry. The check brings assurance through chaos and lets AAA members know they can stay prepared for anything.

On TV, we replaced lightning storms, branches, rain drops, menacing hail, and distracted drivers with checks, reassuring members that no matter how big, small, or surprising the hazard is, you can prepare for it all.

For OOH print, and social, the check mark was placed over looping backgrounds of flash storms, heavy winds, and lightning strikes.