Grocery Shopping Gets Game

You know the grocery run. You love the grocery run. But the grocery run hasn’t changed much in the last hundred years. You walk in, shop your favorites, maybe wander through the candy aisle (look, we’re just browsing), pay, and get out.

But with more millennial families wanting app-based shopping and delivery options, and Covid making shoppers wary of going in-store, Albertsons needed a way to promote their new tech offerings. A way that would remind shoppers who loved their local Albertsons that they could now get even more out of it. A way to refresh millennial minds, habits, and the entire grocery run.

So we Refreshed the Run.

We refreshed video with meal magic.

Refreshed banners with hypnotically endless loops

And refreshed social with scroll stopping images.

We ended up refreshing not just how people shop, but how the Albertsons brand felt in social and digital.

That’s how we Refreshed the Run.