Test Drive to the Unknown

"Time is money" isn’t just something said in a Michael Douglas movie after someone slams their fist on a table. It’s a reminder that time is something to be spent wisely, not recklessly.

Amazon picked up on this notion years ago, and one of their latest feats—Amazon Go—was designed to help you grocery shop as quickly as possible. When Audi came to us wondering if the test drive experience could be as streamlined, we thought about it, said yes, and then created a premium test drive experience like never before.

"Test Drive to the Unknown" challenged Amazon Go shoppers to exchange their time for a test drive in a Audi A6, but they didn’t just go for a spin around the block. They went to a private concerto. To a custom suit fitting. They even went to Germany. And it all took place behind the wheel of the A6, proving that time spent with Audi, is time well spent.

Watch the full video: