Delicious at your Door

If you were hungry, you used to need a spear and a bit of skill. In modern times, all you need is an app. Yet, some people still live in the stone age when it comes to food delivery.

Previously, DoorDash focused on acquisition and driving downloads, resulting in low brand awareness in a highly competitive market. We had to help them transition from a transactional approach to building a brand with value.

To make a spot that stood out from the competition, we elevated everyday ordering scenarios with eye-popping visuals. A kid's birthday party or dorm room may sound mundane on paper, but when you add paper mache planets or multiplying clones, suddenly it becomes memorable.

"Delicious at Your Door" unfolds from a DoorDash Dasher's perspective, as we journey door to door to see the different places and people who use DoorDash.