Delicious at your Door

Three times a day, we are faced with a difficult decision: risk an oven fire attempting to reheat frozen taquitos... or order delivery? DoorDash has the most restaurant options, but as a newcomer to the delivery app party, brand awareness was low.

To launch DoorDash’s first-ever national TV campaign, we created "Delicious at Your Door," an eccentric door-to-door journey through the different places and people who use DoorDash. The spot was selected as YouGov’s Ad of the Month for achieving the most significant improvement in Ad Awareness.

There are over 300 localized versions of the commercial, each featuring different restaurants based on what is most popular in the viewer’s area. Showing off the endless restaurant options led to an 82% increase in favorable perception of the brand, and 75% of people reported they were more likely to use DoorDash after watching the commercial.

We pulled together a crew almost as international as the cuisine itself, tapping on Parisian director duo Greg & Lio, and talented Art Director Lital Gurai from Tel Aviv (a great Instagram follow @gurait).

When clients ask for the moon, we build it in one day out of paper mache, 8 different sets and hundreds of visual effects.