Taking a Rapid Content Approach to Brand Development

How does AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah (AAA NCNU), a local chapter of the 115-year-old brand, stay relevant in a world where people are delaying car-ownership, getting rides from apps, and flocking to cities where public transit allows for a carless lifestyle?

By creating the flexible new option of a car when you want it: GIG Car Share.

The concept of a one-way, no-reservation car share was innovative enough, but it was up to us to introduce Gig to a crowded market of transportation options—and to do it without looking or sounding like a copycat.

In four months, we built the Gig brand from the ground up. Name, logo, visual language, website, app skinning, welcome kit, RFID cards, parking signs, exterior car branding, bike keys, damage stickers, in-car materials, social media, PR—we crafted the consumer journey along every possible touchpoint. We positioned Gig as more than just a tool to get from A to B. It’s how you get out and experience more.

The pilot launch of Gig was slated for Oakland and Berkeley, two cities rich with local activism, community pride, and art. This meant we had to create a local connection in an authentically real way.

In our campaign imagery, we pushed against the traditional lifestyle imagery and teamed up with photographer Mads Perch. By projecting photos of East Bay locations over our authentic East Bay, non-model talent, we created vignettes of the kinds of experiences Gig enables.

The projection style shows our models interacting with the iconic East Bay locations that wash over them.

When it came to social, we brought our projections to life with motion. We showed a range of amazing places and experiences Gig can get you to, and how easy it is to hop between them.

We took over Oakland and Berkeley with our out of home placements, including saturating an entire BART station, to fill the East Bay with our message.

In just four months, we successfully launched a modern brand that didn’t look or feel like it’s more conservative, 100-year old parent company. More importantly we, gave the East Bay a new way to see just how amazing the world around them is.