Gig Car Share Media Case Study

In April 2017, A3 Labs (an offshoot of AAA) launched Gig, a new car-sharing service in Oakland and Berkeley. Gig offers one-way trips, flexible parking, and competitive pricing, making their service appealing to millennials and consumers without a car.

Gig’s goal was to create an iconic brand and show consumers why this is a better option than other services in the market, including other car share services, on demand ride shares, and public transportation. We did this by positioning Gig as the only car-share service in Berkeley and Oakland that allows you to experience more.

We launched an integrated campaign, with high impact OOH placements to capture the audience’s attention, custom content with well-known and trusted local sites pushed out through native placements, integrations with popular influencers in the Berkeley and Oakland area, strongly targeted digital and social placements that leveraged retargeting tactics, and an eye-catching design on the cars’ exteriors. We drove awareness and quickly converted our target audience to try the service, many of who became repeat users.


Ultimately, Gig surpassed launch goals before the campaign even ended. The service received over 12,000 sign-ups, 73% more than our goal. Trial was 35% higher than projected, with nearly 4,000 drivers using the service at least once. And repeat usage was 2 times higher than projected, with 3,000 drivers using the service more than once.