7 hours of holiday content made in under a month.

When Hulu first came to us, they were looking for a way to be a part of holiday celebrations. Instead of making mere marketing, we made festive content with a Hulu twist that brought family and friends together.


We created Streaming Wonderland – a collection of seven slow films that each celebrated a delightful holiday moment.

The idea for Streaming Wonderland was born in less than a week and the nearly seven hour series went from preproduction to living on Hulu’s service in just two weeks.


With all this great Internet content we needed great internetty assets to drive people to our videos.

So we created a social launch pad that included pieces such as minimalist posters, ten-second teasers, beautiful cinemagraphs, and GIFS made from our films. We even had reactional GIFs made from shows on Hulu ready to go when people chimed in on social media.

An instant seasonal hit, the series sat at Creativity's #1 Most Popular campaigns for weeks and created buzz across multiple social media channels. But most importantly, we put Hulu at the center of the conversation and gave people a new holiday tradition.