KeyMe Launch

A 7 billion dollar a year category that hadn't innovated in decades.
A high-tech kiosk set to change the industry.
And a need to tell NYC all about it.

This is KeyMe, the key copying kiosk in 150+ locations all around NYC.

For their first real foray into the public eye, we crafted a simple, visual, and compelling campaign to let everyone know that a better way to cut keys had arrived. Using location specific outdoor, underground, and online ads, we introduced people to the KeyMe kiosks they'd previously walked past, all while giving the brand a personality that had been sorely needed.

Immediately after launch, KeyMe saw a 27% increase in transactions, making the kiosks over ten times more profitable per-square-foot than any other section of their partners’ retail stores, and far exceeding our already lofty goal of a 15% increase.

To put it in layman’s terms, for the first time ever, a three-square-foot kiosk in the Beyond section outdid both Bed and Bath.