Method Media Case Study

method is a line of naturally derived, biodegradable household cleaners known worldwide for its colorful products. What many don’t know is that Method is on a mission to create a better world and clean environment.

New York Times: Fighting Dirty In The Cleanest Ways

method came to M/H with a goal of driving household penetration, increasing awareness among new users, and communicating their sustainability story. method had only run hyper-targeted media campaigns and was eager to run a national brand campaign to bring their sustainability story to the masses.

To accomplish this, we focused on a creative, high-impact, integrated and content-centric approach to communicate the substance behind method’s style. By partnering with publishers like Great Big Story and the New York Times, method was able to tell their unique sustainability and community stories in an organic and interesting way, appealing to a broader audience unaware of method’s depth.

Navigation integrations in apps like Waze, OOH, co-created content, and videos in cinema brought method’s sustainability message to a wide range of consumers both new and existing.

Featured Advertiser on The Outline

Ultimately, method saw a 12.8% increase in National sales during the first half of the year.