A rally cry for a region that needed one.

The Washington Nationals, a team in its infancy at just twelve years old, have quickly become a contender in the Major League.

But they have yet to become the face of the city. A city with loosely defined cultural boundaries whose occupants hail not just from the DC metro area itself, but Maryland and Virginia as well.

So how do you appeal to a fragmented audience of new potential ticket buyers and build a distinctive brand for the fledgling team of the nation's nearly undefinable capital?

By reminding residents and commuters alike that when it comes down to it, We Are One.

We Are One. is a rally cry for the diverse group of people that make up the disparate Maryland, Virginia, and DC regions to join with their team and each other, in pursuit of one dream and one goal — make a mark on history.

Our campaign features players and fans from every region and walk of life coming together as one.

Rather than simply telling them to come to a game, the campaign urges people to participate in a bigger relationship with the team and fellow fans.