Fireplace For Your Home - Trailer

There is a lot of downtime during the holidays. Families gather around the living room and begin using new devices. A perfect time for Netflix. Also a time when households stream a film of a fireplace with no plot and no dialogue. It was time “Fireplace for Your Home” received the filmmaking respect it deserves.

As part of our social media efforts for Netflix, MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER gave it a dramatic trailer (“Don’t get too close, or you might get burned”). We then went behind the scenes with the film’s precocious director to find out how he made this holiday classic. An instant viral hit, the film was immediately picked up by Entertainment Weekly,, and thousands of others. Adweek listed it as the No. 2 holiday commercial, behind Apple, and ahead of Coke. Except ours had no media spend.