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There are more slaves bought and sold today than at any point in human history but few people know. In order to activate consumers, we needed to establish the direct connection between a consumer and the underlying slavery in their supply chains. So how do you take reams of State Department research and make it compelling, approachable, and relevant? We built everything around a single, provocative question: “How many slaves work for you?”

Campaign goal: 150,000 surveys completed in a year.
Actual result: 3,000,000 surveys completed in three months.
65,000 shares, 100 countries. 60,000 million media impressions on every major media outlet, including CNN, NYT, The Washington Post, NPR, LeMonde, Guardian, and hundreds more.
SXSW Digital Champion. Site of the Year, Gold and Silver Pencil at the One Show. Best in Show, Andy Awards.