A New Space to Break Old Rules

Picture a typical office supply store and you’ll likely picture a utilitarian place filled with chairs, pens, and reams of paper stacked to the rafters. It’s a useful place to grab what you need, but not very inspiring. Staples knew this traditional brick and mortar world needed an update, especially with it losing ground to the dot com retail. Enter Staples Connect - a completely redesigned supply experience featuring coworking spaces, podcasting studios, and even live events.

Our work “A New Space to Break Old Rules” launches Staples Connect as the place where a new breed of work takes place. A place where freelancers, start-ups, and the hustlers of the world can work, meet, and create. Bold, graphic OOH beckoned Bostonians into the stores and a video imagines the reaction of a “traditional” minded office supply shopper lost in a new retail heaven.