New School, New Work, New Reality

At first, we thought it would be a few weeks. Then months. And now... Who knows? The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything for the foreseeable future, forcing us into quarantines and social distancing measures. But even in this new world, kids still learn and workers still work. And everyone is doing the best we can.

Retailers like Staples are doing the best they can, too. With fear and anxiety driving shoppers away from stores, we had to reassure them that Staples is an ally, a place that empowers us all to get things done. Our “New School” and “New Work” spots celebrated the resilience of people everywhere as they adapt to learning and working from home.

Our production was just as resilient. Concepted, shot, edited, and finished remotely in about a week, our Staples work was the agency’s first “fully quarantined” project - using friends and family and even agency talent for voice over.