#MillionPoundJamie is for hire

How do you build meaningful awareness and consideration when you are outspent 10 to 1?

You come up with a creative media idea that’s built on a brand truth.

No one works harder to help job candidates land their dream job than totaljobs. From interview training to resume building — their mission is to get you noticed.

Armed with “only” £1m to promote the campaign our creative media idea was to spend the entire budget on getting one person a job.

You read that right. We went all-in with Jamie. Jamie, a real jobseeker, was chosen following a thorough selection process in which totaljobs contracted more than one million jobseekers on its site.

Following a number of casting sessions, Jamie was chosen due to his relatable personality, his previous employment history, and his personal struggle with finding employment — all of which perfectly personified the issue with youth employment.

The campaign highlighted the tools and tech to match Jamie with relevant jobs.

The campaign created a 50% increase in job applications in London.

It paid back 3-fold on the investment and postings were at record levels.

It was the best performing campaign in the company’s history.