Y Brands Print Campaign

Hey Internet, L V C A $ here. But don’t try and find us. You can’t.

Actually you can try but you’d TOTALLY be wasting your time because we’re reporting from a super secret men’s retreat for excellence in leadership and preeminence. #whatever #thought

Anyway, we were at another totally awesome thing you weren’t invited to and we started thinking about one of our clients, Y Living / Y Lighting. They needed ads and we needed money so there we were, two dudes in a one-man sauna, and it hit us — good design is an integral part of a good life. We, like, totally already knew that. It’s just that other people didn’t. #figures

What they needed was simple, inspiring reminders that satisfying their most basic needs can also satiate their most indulgent wants.

So we gave it to them. Behold “Design Necessities.”

Yliving YLighting Print Campaign