Zoosk. Does Love Really Come First?

When it comes to online dating, marketers tend to sell their services like a used car, with promises like, ‘Most marriages on this site!’

But most people don’t want to get married immediately, they just want to meet someone they enjoy spending time with.

So when Zoosk asked the MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER team to help them rebrand (including doing the new logo), we chose to show a more realistic representation of the online dating experience.

“First comes like” is a campaign that celebrates the experience of meeting someone you’re really excited about.

In a :30 and :60 TV spot we showed the charming, sometimes awkward process of a couple falling in like.

In outdoor and station takeovers, we didn’t show couples hugging, or holding hands, or kissing. We showed images like a woman looking over at a guy. You get the sense that she’s thinking, “Hmmm, he’s not bad.” It’s the beginning of something. That first spark is a powerful thing.

Zoosk First Comes Like Outdoor Billboard